Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Wireform A.N. (Thailand) Co., Ltd is in the business as a manufacturer of the Precision Springs, Wire forms, Multislide Parts, Plastic Injection Molded Parts, Stamping Parts and Contact Welding Parts.

Thereby, we shall provide a commitment and faithfulness to satisfy the customer. To meet the needs of the customer in the following areas:

  • Goods quality as per the customer requirements
  • Delivery on time and good service

We shall ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated and understood within the organization. To aware its importance; to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied and to accept customer suggestions for continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Quality Assurance

Our people ensure the quality of the machined parts using the precision measuring equipments like TRIMOS.

The Quality of the production parts is ensured by our well equipped measuring instruments like Profile Projector, Roundness Tester.. etc and our Quality staff have been well trainged to meet the international quality standards.